Joe O’Connor CEO and founder of Transformation for Veterans

Transformation for Veterans was the inspired idea of Joe O’Connor.

Joe was seriously injured in 1999, whilst on selection for Special Forces. It was a night training exercise on the Brecon Beacons in Wales. The weather was atrocious and after being lifted off his feet by a gale force wind and blown down the mountain ridge, falling some 400 ft, Joe broke his neck in multiple places and lay helpless for hours paralysed.

After spending many years in rehabilitation and slowly recovering from paralysis, trauma and the breakdown of his marriage. Joe’s next challenge was to rebuild his life. This experience made a lasting impression and Joe became determined to turn this negative experience into a positive outcome. He re-married, continued to work hard and continued with his self development. He wanted to make a difference and give something back. Whilst looking out of his kitchen window his vision was born and his quest to turn his dream into a reality. To develop a place where injured veterans and their loved ones could come for a short break and enjoy family time together in beautiful Cheshire countryside. To provide quality accommodation and a communal centre to share with like-minded people. To provide help, support and training to members in order for them to reach their true potential.


The charity he formed was called Sanctuary for Veterans, recently renamed Transformation for Veterans. The name change is strategic as it represents more closely our aim and objective and to provides a more constructive and positive concept.

Joe’s personal self-development has focused on helping others achieve their dreams. Through various methods and techniques he has learnt, he is able to change peoples lives for the better.

If you would like more information about this please call us on 01829 760065.

Thank you.