Our mission is to offer Veterans and their loved ones a Transformation resource empowering them to achieve their true potential. While we already offer help and support by providing a unique service and a gateway back into the community, our ultimate aim is to build a Transformation Centre in a rural setting. This purpose built facility when completed will offer a bespoke range of services and support focusing on the well-being of our members. The service will be designed to empower veterans and their families and develop the skill-set they need to achieve beyond their wildest expectations.
Joe says;

“To give you an idea of what we want to develop, picture an idyllic setting in rural Cheshire with incredible lodges for our members. We will also build a communal Hub named “The Centre of Excellence” containing a fully equipped training room where the magical transformation happens. The centre will also incorporate an area specifically to relax with friends and family to enjoy the evenings.  To help our members round off their day extra features will include Wi-Fi, a widescreen TV and entertainment centre so no-one in the family feels left out. Transformation for Veterans is where our comrades can engage with their families and rediscover what family life is all about.  We’ll also be providing our members with the essential skills they need to be successful in civilian life. “

You can read more about how our rural facility is developing here.