joeJoe O’Connor

Joe is the founder and CEO of Transformation for Veterans and has committed countless hours of his life to ensure the charity. He firmly believes that everybody has a pivotal moment in their life where they can choose how their life turns out rather than let life happen to them.

His extensive 20+ years of experience in the financial sector as an IFA has greatly benefited the charity in achieving its aims and objectives. He is committed to ensuring that charity can go well above and beyond what it is capable of. If you would like to know more about Joe’s story, click here to read more.




Tracey O’Connor


Tracey is a fully qualified special COPD Nurse and has an amazing wealth of knowledge in medical care and the effects of trauma. She is extremely committed to developing the charity further so it can achieve even better results than it has already gained.

Tracey is also the company secretary and has an extensive knowledge of our charities policies and procedures, thus is well-placed to guide our charity to fulfill its goals.

Winston Wagstaff


Winston brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the charity. He has been a former trustee to another charity.


Stephen Clark


Stephen has a background in project management and is a keen supporter of Transformation for Veterans.

The expertise of our trustees is fantastically diverse and ensures T4V can meet all the challenges it faces in the short, medium and long term.

* An associate Trustee is an individual who does not hold voting rights but may have an advisory capacity to the board of trustees and wishes to be involved with the promotion of Transformation for Veterans.