1.How charity supports Veterans and how the money is spent on charitable activities

Transformation for Veterans specializes in empowering ex-military personnel and their loved ones, so they can readjust, refocus and achieve their full potential outside of the armed services. For some leaving the military, their transferable skills are obvious. Skills in trade are often taught as part of their role as engineers for example, but for others seeing their value in a civilian world can be a struggle. Practical skills can always be taught, but attitudes and self-belief are more difficult to change. Our founder Joe, who is an armed forces veteran himself and has lived experience of making the transition to civilian life, helps Veterans deal with the “hidden” injuries such as PTSD. We believe and have found that with the correct guidance, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs can be changed for the better to enable people to reach their true potential.

2. What are aims of the charity?

Our mission is to offer Veterans and their loved ones a Transformation resource empowering them to achieve their true potential. While we already offer help and support by providing a unique service and a gateway back into the community. Our ultimate aim is to build a Transformation Centre in a rural setting. This purpose -built facility when completed will offer a bespoke range of services and support focusing on the well-being of our members. The service will be designed to empower Veterans and their families and develop the skill-sets they need to identify and achieve their goals beyond their wildest expectations.

  3. Why people’s support is important and how the charity relies on people’s donations?

Public Support is important to help us to help those who have devoted their lives to protecting us. Veterans return home from military life to Civvy street often following a medical discharge as a result of physical injury or mental disorder or even both. This is a life changing event for them as individuals and affects the lives of their loved ones too. There are a high number of Veterans who are homeless, jobless and suicidal and many feel socially isolated.

We provide life changing coaching and training to help them overcome the challenges they face to enable them to reintegrate into their communities, build positive relationships and build skills to find employment or enterprise in civilian life. We are currently looking to build a lodge for veterans and their loved ones to come and stay to reflect, relax and re -educate. We are also fundraising to buy an accessible (wheelchair accessible) minibus which can also be used as a mobile classroom so we can work with and better support veterans and their families anywhere in their communities making access to our support as easy as possible for them. Therefore, your donation is very important to us and very much appreciated by all our beneficiaries.