How we are helping ex-military personnel a better chance on Civvy Street.
With working-age veterans twice as likely as their civilian counterparts to fall into unemployment, who is out there to serve them after years of dedicating their lives to this country?

Resources such as The Royal British Legion’s Civvy Street, an online hub of information, advice and guidance, have been set up to help with the adjustment to life outside of the military, but all too often Vets struggle to rebuild their lives and simply fall through the cracks.

Transformation for Veterans, founded by Joe O’Connor, helps get people back on track.  1-2-1 sessions which supports people to combat their personal barriers to challenges in life including mental ,physical health, financial and employment through a combination of training, confidence building and support.

Pictured in the photo with Joe is Paddy a Veteran who following medical discharge from the army was left jobless, and felt depressed and isolated. After meeting with Joe ,Paddy now feels happy and is now self-employed. He has started his new fitness business and wants to help other Veterans like him.

Joe O’Connor, founder of charity Transformation for Veterans learned the hard way about survival and  transformation. In 1999 he shattered his neck during selection for the Special Forces and after spending many years in rehabilitation, slowly recovering from paralysis and trauma, he decided he wanted to use his experience to help others. In 2010, Joe founded the charity Transformation for Veterans, a resource to empower ex-military and their loved ones to readjust, refocus and achieve a new potential outside of the armed services.

Joe O’Connor said, “ Veterans are quite a difficult community to connect with. They will always say that they’re ‘fine’ because that’s what we’re taught in the military. You need to speak their language and understand their background to dive beneath the surface and really help them. When you can connect with them, you find much better results”

For veterans, a large part of that is improving their self-worth. Transformation for Veterans works with veterans in the Cheshire area to identify what they’re good at and helps them to change their self-perceptions and improve their self-belief.

For some leaving the military, their transferable skills are obvious, skills in trade are often taught as part of their role as engineers for example, but for others seeing their value in a civilian world can be a struggle. Practical skills can always be taught, but attitudes are more difficult to change.

Joe added, “You can teach someone how to answer the phone, lay bricks or use a computer. What’s harder to teach is discipline, punctuality and teamwork. If an employer values these qualities, and is willing to take a chance on someone, then they can truly give back to those who have risked everything for this country and make a difference to their life.”

If you, or someone you know, is struggling to get into work after leaving the military, get in touch with Transformation for Veterans.

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