It is believed that the language people use in their lives has a serious impact on their everyday thoughts and actions. What we say impacts our next step in life hugely so it is important that we make sure what we say is always going to result in a positive impact.

What a person can achieve is determined by their beliefs and attitudes. If you wish to achieve something you must first believe you can do it and not fill your mind with negative thoughts that will limit you achieving them. This is the same when it comes to the language you use. If a person uses negative words those negative words will become part of your mind set and then impact your future actions and thought.

Words such as can’t, might, and TRY all produce this negative impact. If you are using language such as try you are not preparing your mind and self for an end goal where you succeed – therefore your mind is then allowed the opportunity to consider failure as an option, which it is not!

We must be make conscious efforts to consistently use positive words so that the end result for us will be positive and a result that we desire. It is us that are in control of our future and us who decide if that future is one we choose. Our language must reflect what we desire in life in order to achieve it. This is why ‘try’ is a useless word.