I was medically discharged in 1987 after suffering a broken neck whilst on a construction tour in Canada.
“I think Transformation for Veterans is a great idea. As an ex-squaddie, who had an injury whilst serving, I missed the camaraderie, the banter, the friendship and the sense of humour. Had there been a service like T4V back then, it would have been extremely helpful to me. The idea of being with guys who all have the same background and know what you have been through is great. The chance of making more friends for life would have been great. And to share the knowledge on how to cope day to day whatever their injury would be invaluable. The hardest thing to adapt to after an injury is the sense of loneliness and loss of identity. So to be able to get away from it all to train, relax and empower myself would be fantastic. So for me, T4V is long overdue and I, for one, would jump at the chance to go there, and I look forward to it being built ASAP.”

Martin (Beachy) Ball (Veteran Sapper – Corps of Royal Engineers)