My name is Jennifer Rowland, I’m 29, and I’ll hold my hands up, I’m not a veteran. I am, however, a volunteer who is on her last day here and I just wanted to tell you all how amazing my time here has been.

So, first, I want to give you a bit of background on myself.

I have a BSc (hons) degree in Zoology, which I graduated from in 2014 before starting a life working at “proper jobs” as my Dad calls them, of which I’ve had 8 or so, due to various circumstances, house moves etc. I also have had many years suffering with mental health issues and horrific self-esteem issues.

So, knowing that about me, you might think “what on earth is she doing here?!” Well, its only during the current COVID pandemic that I became aware of T4V, through a chance conversation with the founder, Joe. At the time I had no job, (Thanks COVID) and was at an utter loose end! So when Joe asked if I wanted something to keep me going, I was very up for it, even if it was just a gap-filler in my CV.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you will have read about Joe, but here’s a little overview: he’s a hugely inspirational man, with a heart of gold and a mission to help!

In my time here I have gained skills that I never even imagined I’d learn! From looking into marketing to improving my own self-belief!

I 100% believe in Transformation for Veterans and cannot wait to come back soon to see just how many other people’s lives have been positively effected by this man, his dream and our charity: because Transformation for Veterans is a charity that can give to everyone, be you a veteran or a civvy like me, who just turned up to fill a CV gap.

Get in touch: I PROMISE you, you won’t regret it!

Jennifer Rowland BSc (Hons), Cheshire