Here are some Testimonials from people who have been involved in our charity.

“What a delight it was the day I got to know you for me and my family. You’re incredible at your job, you are amazing. And you have changed so many people’s lives. Your dedication to veterans and everyone is tremendous. I admire that you thought of such a wonderful way to honour the people in your life. I am fortunate to be among the people connected to you. You have changed the way I handle things mentally and financially. I am more confident with the future. For this I will forever be grateful.

I could write more and fill the whole page with the way I feel and what you have done.”

Patrick Mwambila (served 2006-2017, in the Royal Logistics Corps as a Supply logistics specialist. I did 1 Iraq tours and 3 Afghanistan tours.)


My name is Stephen Malone and I served in the RAF. Serving on the following Squadrons:

2 Squadron (Independent RAF Regiment Airborne Squadron) UK Based, completing several roulement detachments to Northern Island.

37 Sqn Rapier Air Defence Sqn RAF Bruggen West Germany. Including a 6-month detachment in the Falkland Islands.

26 Sqn Rapier Air Defence Sqn RAF Laarbruch West Germany. Also completing a further 6-month detachment in the Falkland Islands.

1 Sqn Field Sqn RAF Laarbruch West Germany.

501 Joint British/US Tactical Cruise Missile Defence Sqn UK.

Ground Defence Training Team RAF Locking UK.

Regimental Signals Instructor, Regimental Signals School RAF Regiment Depot.

Service concluding as an RAF Careers Advisor within The Armed forces Careers office Liverpool.

“In 2015 during a visit to my GP suffering with depression after losing a job through medical reasons, a job that I loved and excelled in, my GP, who had already met Joe advised me to go and introduce myself to Joe and have a chat with a like-minded person IE, Ex Forces.

This I did and got involved in helping to raise funds for T4V as well as helping out around the office. Throughout my short time with T4V Joe inspired me by words and deed, he gave me the confidence to find myself again. His quiet dedication and drive in seeking to improve the lives of Veterans is an inspiration to all and I commend him in his efforts to achieve his goal of building these respite Chalets where Veterans can relax in quiet surroundings.

Now with the help of My GP, and Joe I feel I can achieve most things that I want from life. I certainly would recommend T4V if I was asked by any Veteran seeking help and advice. Transformation for Veterans is an ideal organisation for any Ex British Forces personnel to get in touch with, whether seeking help or offering to help in providing support for Joe and his Dream.”

Stephen Malone (served for 22 years 1977 through to 1999 with the RAF Regiment)


“The military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are all very fresh in our minds today as they are still on-going and there are regular reports about the sacrifices that out troops are making daily in the service of our country. However, when British forces withdraw from Afghanistan and other operational theatres, there will be a very strong chance that our countries thoughts will turn to something else. Sadly our soldiers, sailors and airmen and women will be left with the true cost of having served their country and they will require the on-going support and help from all our local communities. This is where Transformation for Veterans is looking to the future and identifying what type and amount of support will be required so that we can continue to stand by our service personnel in the many years to come. Transformation for Veterans will make a difference to very many people in the future when the calls to action have all faded. I highly recommend the work, vision and forethought of Transformation for Veterans.”

Brigadier (retired) J A J Thomson OBE SQUIRM TD DL


“I am delighted to support the inspirational work of Transformation for Veterans. The respite homes and other superb facilities which it plans to provide in the heart of the Cheshire countryside will bring care, respite and pleasure to many families who have suffered due to the service which they have given to the country. We all have a responsibility to support injured veterans – it is thanks to them that we continue to have the freedoms which we enjoy today.”

David Briggs MBE KStJ (Lord-Lieutenant of Cheshire)


I was medically discharged in 1987 after suffering a broken neck whilst on a construction tour in Canada.
“I think Transformation for Veterans is a great idea. As an ex-squaddie, who had an injury whilst serving, I missed the camaraderie, the banter, the friendship and the sense of humour. Had there been a service like T4V back then, it would have been extremely helpful to me. The idea of being with guys who all have the same background and know what you have been through is great. The chance of making more friends for life would have been great. And to share the knowledge on how to cope day to day whatever their injury would be invaluable. The hardest thing to adapt to after an injury is the sense of loneliness and loss of identity. So to be able to get away from it all to train, relax and empower myself would be fantastic. So for me, T4V is long overdue and I, for one, would jump at the chance to go there, and I look forward to it being built ASAP.”

Martin (Beachy) Ball (Veteran Sapper – Corps of Royal Engineers)


“I came across Transformation For Veterans a few months ago when I met Joe O’Connor who told me about it and the purpose to help veterans. I served in the Royal Air-force for 12 years and when I came out I found myself homeless. Unfortunately there wasn’t a great deal of support around at the time so I really struggled to get my life back to normal again after my military service. Had Transformation For Veterans been around then it really could have transformed my life and given me exactly what I needed – the opportunity for personal growth and to move forward. A charity to assist people like I was then is absolutely invaluable and I would recommend anybody contact Joe and uses his charity to get the most from it that they possibly can because it really will help you to transform your life.”

Steve Holding (ex-RAF)