Over the weekend, we had Armed Forces Day, and I couldn’t let it go by without a quick mention.

As I go about my daily live, I look about me and marvel at the many things that we, as a nation, have achieved. Its an easy thing to forget sometimes, especially for those that have grown up in times of peace.

The generation before me lived through two World wars and other crises. My own generation saw the aftermath, and though you could argue that our armed forces are still deployed, Britain is in a state currently where the general population is unaware of the goings on of our forces.

So what are they doing right now?

Currently there are two conflicts in which we are taking an active part in: the Iranian-American Confrontation and Operation Shader, as part of the Intervention in Iraq and Syria. In both conflicts, our Army, Navy and Air Forces are involved. But that isn’t all they do.

In fact, since the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic, our forces have been deployed in many different ways. They have done Incredible work supporting our NHS by setting up the Nightingale hospitals, undergoing new training to deliver essential goods to hospitals, support our ambulance services, run testing units, helping in the effort to produce and distribute PPE and so much more that we, the general public haven’t been made aware of.

Working in the background

We can all agree that, right now we are not living under normal circumstances. COVID has really turned our world upside down. So, of course we’re relying on our forces more than usual, right?

Well, not quite.

In 1987, during my own time while stationed in Kent with the Royal Engineers, the snows had hit particularly badly. Villages were isolated and people were struggling to get food and power, so they deployed us to aid the local community, supplying food and rescuing those that were struggling most Just take a quick look at the pictures and I can assure you, you will see why the army had been called in!

And it would be the same if you spoke to anyone who has served within our Armed Forces, they would be able to give you similar stories. You see, each of our wonderful, skilled, brave forces has the same main objectives: keep Britain and our dependant nations safe, maintain good will with our allies and prevent further conflicts further afield. Not only that, but they are front runners in the STEM industry. Without the research of the various global Armed Forces, we wouldn’t have had Walkie-Talkies, been about to go bat watching with Night Vision and struggled with holding things together without Duct Tape, not to mention not been able to take so many selfies without the development of digital photography!

Our forces have given us our freedom, independence as well as so many other gifts that we wouldn’t be able to appreciate otherwise without their courage, dedication and strength. And so it is my pleasure to #SaluteOurForces and offer our aid for those who are no longer in active service.