christmas-1046068_1920A recent survey concurred that people will be spending on average £700 on their partners this Christmas.

It is a similar survey to others doing the rounds that shows how much is being spent on children or how much we spend on the average Christmas dinner.

Whatever the survey says, the one thing they all have in common is the focus on expenditure and essentially how much money we will be spending for one day of the year.

As consumers we are spending more and more money on presents and less and less on time. What do I mean by “less on time?”

It would appear our love is measured on the amount of gifts under the tree. To me it seems we do this for ourselves and to give a certain impression to others. Perhaps we like to see the presents all around the tree, maybe we like others to see how much we are buying – as if that is an indication of our worth!

Wouldn’t you agree it is quite sad that in the excitement of the lead up to the big day, we forget something quite basic?

How much you love someone should not be measured in pound signs. Shouldn’t it be measured in TIME? How much TIME do you take to tell the ones who matter to you that you love them?

It’s easy to go shopping and of course the shops are full of lovely looking gifts all nicely packaged up. We can get completely caught up in this – it is the greatest marketing campaign of our time! We can get seduced by advertising and the fancy way things are packaged and promoted to us. How often have you bought something that you thought looked fantastic at the time, only to have your loved one open it on Christmas day and you can tell they don’t quite think the same way about it? Hard as you try, you can’t help feeling resentful and wonder why you bothered. Not a great way to spend Christmas really is it?

Just think how wonderful it would be if we measured our love and appreciation with time instead of pounds and pence. Money really isn’t everything.

So, why not consider an extra half hour in bed cuddling with your loved one on Christmas morning? Instead of spending all your time drudging around the shops, why not spend the time with your children helping them create their dreams and fulfil them? Just give the greatest gift. Your TIME.

Money can always be replaced and will always be around. The same cannot be said of time, once spent it is gone forever.

Christmas presents may look nice but they are no substitute for real love and time. Show how much you love your nearest and dearest this year and give them your time.

Christmas Time is a wonderful time for fun, love and joy. So spending your greatest gift of TIME wisely. You only have it once.