trustI am a very positive person; I believe that if you place your faith in positivity and trust that things will work out they will. That doesn’t mean my life is absolutely perfect all of the time and that everything I do goes smoothly….. as far as I am concerned that is just what living a fulfilled life is all about. We all have ups and downs and life throws us challenges to deal with. But that for me is the point.

It’s easy to feel good about things and positive about life when everything is going your way. The test comes when things aren’t going as well – and this is when it is vital to maintain a clear perspective and retain that positivity.

Most of all: “TRUST” and “ACT AS IF”

Trust that life is on your side and act as if things are working out how they are supposed to.

Last month I had to drive down to Kent to deal with a property matter. I rent out property and lately this particular property had a few issues that needed sorting. A tenant had moved out and I like my property occupied so I really needed to get another tenant in quickly. Before that happened there was some maintenance and cleaning up that needed to be done. After a couple of weeks of trying to deal with things on the ‘phone, I decided to take matters into my hands. I would go on site and carry out the much needed work myself.

As I said earlier, I’m a positive person so I set out on my four-hour journey in good spirits and with a clear intention that I was going down and that matters would be sorted. I loaded up my car and attached a trailer on the back to take the larger tools I needed to complete the maintenance.

What I didn’t plan for was that towards the end of my journey on the motorway, the wheelbarrow I had in my trailer would escape its strappings and end up in the outside lane!

Thankfully, the motorway was pretty clear and I managed to recover the wheelbarrow without too much drama. A passing motorist stopped to help me.

He helped me clean the wheelbarrow and then load it back onto the trailer. As we were doing that we were chatting about what we were doing. In that moment I had undeniable proof that life is always on your side – yes, even when your wheelbarrow causes a near disaster in the fast lane of the motorway, there is always a reason why.

The guy who had stopped to help me had been on his phone (hands free of course!) when he saw me. He was on a call to my letting agent about the property I was renting out and he was looking to arrange a viewing!

In anyone’s wildest dreams what would be the chances of that ever happening? It’s the kind of thing that if you were to hope for it, you would just think it would never happen.

My message here is this: always maintain an attitude that everything will go the way you want it to. You don’t need to figure out the how, just know that it will. Act as if and never give up on that! Even when the unexpected happens, or situations don’t go to what you think is ‘the plan’ – trust that things are turning out just how they should.

I could have been really fed up with my dilemma on the motorway, I could have started getting angry and annoyed – I could have thought ‘oh typical, that’s going to make me late, it’s all going wrong….’ – but I didn’t; I just dealt with what was happening. And look what happened – a man stopped to help me. Not just any man, someone looking to rent a property and who then turned into my tenant.

We can so often give up on our goals because we either can’t see how they would work out or we hit a bump in the road and give up. I would urge you to live in faith; always trust that things are going your way.

Believe that life is on your side; that matters are always working out in your favour in just the way they are supposed to.

Always keep a positive outlook – even and especially when things do not seem to be going your way – trust that they are, act as if and you will always be OK.