A recent survey concurred that people will be spending on average £700 on their partners this […]
I am a very positive person; I believe that if you place your faith in positivity […]
The flashes, bangs, sparks, whistles and explosions may extract a chorus of ‘Ooh’s and ‘Ahh’s from […]
Last week I had the pleasure of putting my newly acquired NLP Trainer skills into practice. […]
 It is so exciting to be the host nation for the World Rugby Cup – and […]
How often do you think before you speak? Are you a reactor? That is, someone who […]
I was commuting into London one day last week, we were just about to arrive at […]
I like language – the power of words should not be underestimated. Even in this technology […]
My ten year old son had been on the receiving end of his mum’s wisdom yesterday; […]